That small beam of light at the horizon, almost a mirage
That invisible force that urges you on, one step at a time
That which you can’t explain its existence, but you must cling to

The shadow of doubt you cast on the life expectancy given for your child
The refusal to believe what the experts say,
The belief in much more than what you have control over

The look of faith you have as you look down on your child
Refusing to believe that which you lovingly created may soon be gone
The bargain you have with the powers above, to take yours and retain theirs

Even as doom is forecasted, even as all seems dire
That small beam of light flickers, rekindles
And energy is renewed, restored, rejuvenated

For when walking on this special needs journey,
We need not look at the road ahead, or focus on how far we’ve trodden
Look to your side, embrace your child and live in the moment.

(Written by: @cmutena)