It is said that a mother understands what a child does not say.

Even before a child learns to speak, they will communicate. They will laugh or cry, mostly the latter. They express their wants and needs effortlessly.  A mother will always understand which is which, what each cry depicts.

In this special needs journey, we learn to listen to our children (non-verbal or not) with our hearts. Communication is easily conveyed with a flash of a smile or a dash of laughter. A grunt here or a wail there.

As much as we try to understand what is said to us by our kids, if at all, one will never miss the depth of their love. The look of belonging shining from their eyes. The super tight hugs that are especially for you. The warm glow that engulfs your heart by just being next to them.

It does not matter if your child will hear you when you proclaim your love, or if they can respond to it. What matters is that unspoken love that breaks all barriers, that pure love that warms you up and gives you hope for a better tomorrow.

That bond that can only exist between a mother and her child.
(Written by: @cmutena)